Custom made precision rifle accessories by BC Tactical

Welcome To B.C. Tactical

CZ 858 Handguards

Here at B.C. Tactical we make all our products right here in Beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

Our custom made products are done right and to the highest of standards to ensure that quality comes first.

What we have come to notice before we opened our shop is that these beliefs are in stark contrast to our competition.

We are just like you & know what it's like to spend your hard earned dollars on "Tactical" equipment that frankly doesn't cut the grade. We know machining and folks tell us it shows. Our team does what it takes to get the job done right the first time and how to make quality products for your tactical needs.

Our strongest point is our guarantee To You!

-= "If You Are Not Happy, Then Were Not Happy!" =-
This Means A "Lifetime" Guarantee That You Can Return Any Defective Part For A Full Refund.

New Products

858 Tac Release Remington 700 Bolt Knob CZ 858 Handguards Rem 700 Finished CZ 858 Handguards